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Published 02.01.2021 with immediate effect.

Technical X Limited T/A Computer Clinic

Reg. in Ireland No: 657955 / 2019

PHONE: (01) 437 0672

Your branch address: 55 A Manor Place Stoneybatter Dublin7

Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00 / Saturday 10:00 to 15:00 Sunday -CLOSED-


If you will like to enquire about a device you have with us for repair please get in touch with our technical department on direct phone line (01) 437 0672 by selecting on of the option, or use the form on our website or contact your branch. You will need to specify the Service Tag Number associated with the repair. This could be found on this receipt. Otherwise please provide any form of details that will help us to identify your device. Please note, terms and conditions apply. We might not be able to provide with updates if not sufficient credible details are provided.


There are no costs for you to find out what is wrong with your device. IT IS FREE. Once we have a diagnostic ready, we let you know. You decide what we should do next. Only if you agree with the diagnoses, your device will be repaired. No obligation on our side to provide with any technical report or any other form of written assessment free of charge!


COMPUTER CLINIC will make all reasonable efforts to repair the device, subject to the availability of any parts required and the terms of any relevant guarantee or warranty.

During the time of repair procedure all conversation between the parties involved will be recorded in order to ensure that the repair is completed as agreed.

COMPUTER CLINIC cannot be held responsible for damage or failures associated with faulty or obsolete hardware in the customer device once repairs have begun.

COMPUTER CLINIC will endeavour to complete the agreed work within 3 to 5 working days. This does not constitute a guarantee. In the event of replacement parts being delayed in shipment, COMPUTER CLINIC reserves the right to retain the device up to 30 days.

COMPUTER CLINIC has the permission from THE CUSTOMER to replace assemblies or components with similar or better design and capability.

THE CUSTOMER understands and accept that some applications may no longer work properly after a repair, due to the installation of different hardware and software. 

Up to 12 months warranty provided!


IF COMPUTER CLINIC is unable to complete the service required to resolve the primary fault then no fee will be charged.


All repair on: Laptop, Desktop, TV, Audio Equipment and Game Console will be performed on the Technical X Ltd Laboratory locate at the address: Unit2 9 Arbour Hill Dublin 7, with strictly no public/ customers access, due to data protection regulation and technological hazards!

All repair on Phone and Tablet will be executed at the affiliated workshop located at the address: Unit 10 Moore Street Dublin 1, with strictly no public/ customers access, due to data protection regulation and technological hazards!

All the equipment left in for repair will be transferred to one of the locations.

All communication will be made through the phone’s numbers provided or by visiting the BRANCH/ STORE. Repaired Equipment will be transferred back to the same location/ branch it was collected. ELECTRONICS REPAIRS SPECIALISTS DUBLIN 2021

THE CUSTOMER will be contacted in advance in order to facilitate a suitable collection time.

We can discuss details about this repair only with the person whose details are in our database and not a third party without prior authorization from the customer.


When a device is repaired, we let you know. From that moment you have 30 working days to collect it. All the arrangements will be made to ensure the customer device will be made available at the same location/ branch he left it in for repair.

The device will not be returned to the customer until all fees, which were agreed upon have been paid in full.

Any device not claimed within the 30 days of work completion will become the property of COMPUTER CLINIC.

A two (2) Euro per day storage charge will apply for the item not collected in the agreed time by this terms and condition agreement (this will not apply for the first 30 days).

Customer has the obligation to collect the item when it's made available for collection. Items not collected will be subject to the 30 days collection policy or 2€ storage charge/day policy at the discretion of Computer Clinic.


COMPUTER CLINIC undertakes to comply with all the existing regulations of non-discloser of confidential information's and is committed to preserve all possible data from our customer's devices. However, in the case of severe virus infection or hard drive failure, some data may be impossible to recover.

COMPUTER CLINIC cannot be held responsible for loss, alteration or corruption of any data, software, information's and/ or files from the customer computer, storage device or media.

All the data processed during the repair will be stored in COMPUTER CLINIC storage facilities for the time of the repair and for maximum 5 days after collection. After that period all data will erased from our facilities with permanent effect. COMPUTER CLINIC will not be obligated in any way to entertain any complaint after that.


Any other aspect not covered by this terms and conditions, should be discussed to find an amicable solution between the parties involved!

Published 02.01.2021 with immediate effect.